About Us

Customer Experience ZA (CXZA) was founded with a clear vision; to make World Class Customer Experience services affordable to all organisations.


CXZA is a consulting and training professional services firm. We enable organisations to engineer their processes to deliver successful customer outcomes and as a result increase their profitability.


Envision a world where your view of customer experience (CX) enables you to deliver success with every customer interaction. CXZA assists you to predict customer perceptions and empower your employees to be pro-active in managing customer interactions. We achieve this through our bespoke CX professional services such as: training, consulting, insights, strategic customer workshops and coaching.


Do you have customer, process, customer service, training or internal team alignment obstacles preventing your organisation from reaching its full potential? We want to know about it. We lead the way to overcome these obstacles, enable your employees to deliver successful customer outcomes and provide continuous support through the journey to success.


We pride ourselves in our ability and experience in enabling organisations to be pro-active through the practical customer insights solutions we provide.


We are on the forefront of setting international standards in the CX industry.

Our Services


CX Basics Course, Customer Service Training and the Internationally Accredited Customer Experience Training (CEM Method) in partnership with the BP Group .


We work with you to achieve successful customer outcomes. Together, we engineer your processes to deliver customer success with every customer interaction.


World class insights on customer experience, from internal processes that lead to customer success to employee and customer sentiment that will drive decision making.

Strategic Customer Workshops

Assisting in the creation of CX material for instructional and training purposes.


Our dedicated team of professionals will guide you to succeed. Benefit from their expertise, build your CX successes from the platform these CX experts provide you with.


BPG (Business Process Group) is a management and business transformation Consultancy/Training provider. BPG is a US and UK based organisation that provides customer experience and transformation solutions globally. With a 40+ partner network around the globe this organisation is well connected in the CX and transformation industry.


Whether you need training, consulting, insights, strategic customer workshops or coaching

we’re here to help

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