CXZA are experts in the field of Customer Experience.


Our dedicated team of professionals (Qualified Customer Experience Coaches in the CEMMethod accredited by the BP Group) will guide you to succeed in delivering success to your customers.

Benefit from their expertise, build your CX career or CX team from the platform these CX experts provide you with. Do not re-invent the wheel, instead focus on developing the next practise.



Ziné has trained numerous individuals in CX. She led multiple high performing CX teams and has successfully led CX initiatives across multiple companies. She is a qualified Industrial Engineer that specialises in Customer Experience (CX). She excelled in her engineering studies and passed both her Bachelors and Honours degrees Cum Laude. With 10 years in the corporate environment Ziné has experience in numerous CX disciplines such as; design, measurement, insights, strategy and culture. 
In 2018 she qualified as a Customer Experience Management Coach, in the CEM Methodology, which is internationally accredited by the Business Process Group.

Armandt has specialised in the field of customer analytics and insights over the past 8 years. He is skilled in the analysis of large data sets which he translates into actionable insights. It is evident from experience, that he practically implements these improvements through extensive change management programs, which results in reduced costs, improved services and increased revenue. As an industry leader in customer experience, Armandt obtained the following formal qualifications:

Masters in Customer Experience (Masters in Philosophy, Information and Knowledge Management).
Accredited Customer Experience Coach in the Customer Experience Management Methodology, through the Business Process Group.
Postgraduate diploma in Management Practise (PGDip) from Henley Business School.
Bachelor of Commerce Honours degree in Information and Knowledge Management (Cum Laude).
Bachelor Articularis degree in Information and Knowledge Management.

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We enable you to engineer your processes to deliver World Class Customer Experiences which improves the lives of your customers and employees. Our purpose is to create a world of better customer experiences.

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