CXZA enables organisations to differentiate themselves from competitors through the visibility of key customer metrics which result in the delivery of successful customer outcomes. Your organisation is required to evolve to the maturity where customer insights lead your key decision-making process.


We connect the dots between the data produced from customer and employee feedback, internal processes and the delivery of customer success.

CXZA specialise in Voice of the Customer (VOC), Voice of the Employee (VOE) and Voice of the Process (VOP) models.


Customer feedback is a good beginning, although this is a re-active measure. In order to cultivate pro-active employees you also need to measure customer success through your internal processes and truly value your employee feedback. The customer success measures from your processes and employees are leading indicators of your customer experience. The relationships between how you deliver customer success (from your internal process measures and employee feedback) and what your customers think of your organisation assists you to place customer perception into perspective.


VoC Models include

  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)
  • Customer Effort Score

VoE Model

We assist with scientifically formulated questions to determine the enablement and satisfaction state of your employees.  The well being and happiness of your employees are crucial in the delivery of successful customer outcomes.


VoP Model

Benefit from the techniques we provide to identify key measures of your internal processes required to deliver successful customer outcomes. 

The practical application of the VOC, VOP and VOE models are crucial in driving organisational change in order to benefit from the insights of these measurements.  Visibility of the measures together with an in-depth understanding of the relationships between these measures are catalysts for employees to act pro-actively and prevent negative customer impacts. 


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