The Team

Ziné Torlage

Ziné is a qualified Industrial Engineer that specialises in Customer Experience (CX). She excelled in her engineering studies and passed both her Bachelors and Honours degrees Cum Laude. With 10 years in the corporate environment Ziné has experience in numerous CX disciplines such as; design, measurement, insights, strategy and culture. In 2018 she qualified as a Customer Experience Management Coach, in the CEM Methodology, which is internationally accredited by the Business Process Group.

Engineering your organisation to consistently deliver a world class customer experience is her passion. Ziné’s background in business architecture and continuous improvement is what differentiates her practical approach in aligning organisational processes to drive successful customer outcomes. Based on her professional experience she has the ability to drive the required organisational change to implement key CX principles and benefit from the strategic CX initiatives.

She has led the CX Research and Development as well as Customer Insights teams within MultiChoice SA (MCSA). Highlights in her career to date include;

Increased CX maturity of MCSA through the delivery of international accredited CX training initiatives that changed the mindsets of key decision makers in the organisation.
Led the strategy and implementation of CX maturity assessment initiatives across the MultiChoice Group of companies. This resulted in insights and actions which improved the CX maturity of multiple departments throughout the respective companies.
Implementation of numerous CX improvements across MCSA drove a positive change and resulted in increased Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scores, which enabled the company to achieve its CSAT targets over multiple financial year ends.
Led the successful vendor optimisation project, which resulted in multi-million rand cost savings into perpetuity.
Implement improvements in problematic processes throughout multiple departments in the organisation. This resulted in a significant decrease in the number of escalations as well as enabling employees to be more pro-active.
Designed CX processes, assisted with Call Centre training and the implementation of specialised Call Centre desks. The first specialised Call Centre desk was implemented in 2017 and was so successful that for the first time in history the Call Centre reached 100% service levels.
Built a knowledge system to assist front line staff in servicing customers. This interactive system enabled employees to focus on the conversation with the customer which led to a significant increase in the CSAT scores for the Contact Centre.
Ziné and Armandt Rheeders co-founded Customer Experience ZA (CXZA) in the first quarter of 2023. CXZA is a consulting and training professional services firm which enables organisations to engineer their processes to deliver successful customer outcomes and as a result increase their profit margins. CXZA assists you to create a world where you can predict customer perceptions and empower your employees to be pro-active in managing customer interactions. CXZA achieves this through their CX services such as; consulting, training, insights, customer success workshops and coaching.

Armandt Rheeders

Armandt has specialized in the field of customer analytics and insights over the past 8 years.  He is skilled in the analysis of large data sets which he translates into actionable insights.  It is evident from experience, that he practically implements these improvements through extensive change management programs, which results in reduced costs, improved services and increased revenue.

As an industry leader in customer experience Armandt has obtained the following formal qualifications;


    • Masters in Customer Experience (Masters in Philosophy, Information and Knowledge Management).

    • Accredited Customer Experience Coach in the Customer Experience Management Methodology, through the Business Process Group. 

    • Postgraduate in Management (PGDip) from Henley.

    • Bcom Honors degree in Information and Knowledge Management (Cum Laude).

    • BA degree in Information and Knowledge Management.

Armandt has led CX measurement and insights teams in large listed entities within the entertainment and banking industries.  To mention a few milestones he has achieved in his career to date;


    • Optimized Voice of the Customer (VOC) model costs which resulted in multi-million rand cost savings.

    • Designed and implemented a Key Metrics CX Framework which analysis relationships between VOC models and process metrics.  This framework enables organizations to pro-actively identify potential problems.

    • Capitalizing on the results of leading CX improvement initiatives, derived from CX insights, enabled organizations to significantly increase their Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scores. 

    • Developed and implemented dashboards to drive customer insights and actionable steps to key decision makers.

In an interconnected world of increasing choices, it’s becoming more challenging to meet demanding customer needs.  CX is the main differentiator amongst competitors, as your customers expect an ever-improving customer experience.  With this vision, Armandt and Ziné Torlage co-founded CXZA at the start of 2023.

CXZA enables organizations to differentiate themselves from competitors, by delivering successful customer outcomes.  Visibility of key customer metrics enables organizations to deliver success to their customers.  Your organization needs to evolve to the point where customer insights lead the decisions you make.

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