Strategic Customer Workshops

We facilitate key stakeholder workshops, with a focus on customer frameworks. This enables you to lead with the customer in mind and to better understand your internal as well as external customers.


To name a few most common Strategic Customer Workshops:

  • Customer categorisation
  • Identify customer needs
  • Unpack the customer experience for a new product or service
  • Innovate or improve an existing product or service
  • Innovate or improve an existing experience or processes
  • New or improve technology enablement
  • Team or department alignment
  • Improve delivery of internal teams

Our facilitators bring innovative perspectives to the discussion. They are skilled in asking thought provoking questions and in challenging the business as usual status quo. They have the ability to manage workshops efficiently and provide direction when dealing with difficult issues.


We enable you to engineer your processes to deliver World Class Customer Experiences which improves the lives of your customers and employees. Our purpose is to create a world of better customer experiences.

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