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CX Basics Course

  • Initiate your company’s CX journey through training focused on upskilling new team members in basic customer experience principles.
  • Enhance your current CX journey as we work together to develop bespoke CX training material required to improve the CX maturity of your organisation.

Customer Service Training

Induction Program: CX for your company

Is CX incorporated in your new employees’ induction program? To entrench a customer centric mindset within an organisation, all employees require a basic understanding of customer experience. CX is a team effort. The number of CX pioneers in your organisation, is directly proportional to the CX momentum you will achieve. We work with your organisation to develop and improve induction programs to ensure all employees understand how customer success is defined and how they contribute to consistently deliver successful customer outcomes.

Customer Facing Training

Customer facing employees need to be fully focused on your customer during each customer interaction. There are multiple tools and techniques available to achieve this. We work with your organization to build a customized solutions based on your client interactions and needs.

Internationally Accredited Customer Experience Training

Internationally accredited CX training in partnership with the Business Process Group. The CEMMethod was created in 2001 when Business Process Group (BPG) was in collaboration with the Virgin Group. Together they realised that to progress in an ever-changing world, the need arises for an explicit, outside-in focus on the customer. Since then, the CEMMethod has evolved by consolidating tools, techniques and mindsets from top innovative companies such as: Apple, BMW, Bentley, IBM, Amazon etc. Notably, industry leaders such as Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, ‎Sergey Brin, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg and Richard Branson have been pioneers and early adopters of the type of thinking that the CEMMethod promotes. The Internationally Accredited Customer Experience (ACX) Training consists of the renowned CEMMethod™, now available in Version 12.


CXZA provides all ACX Training courses. The ACX training consists of 3 successive courses as well as a Mentorship program. Successful completion of each course is required to enrol for the following.


ACXP & ACXM Training + Workshop

Should you book a group

 session of at least 8 delegates, we use the ACX training exercises to solve a customer, process, customer service, training or internal team alignment problem within your organisation.


We conduct an ACX workshop parallel to the ACXP & ACXM training. As a result you will have the innovative TO BE customer experience and measures (Key Customer Outcomes) required to have visibility of the new customer experience.


Who should attend the ACX courses?

  • ACXP Course
    In a customer centric organisation all employees are required to at least have a basic understanding of the CX Outside In philosophy.
  • ACXM Course
    This course is for individuals striving to drive strategic change in an organisation. Customer experience is everyone’s priority – it is not only limited to the CX department. All CX practitioners, decision makers, change agents and strategic drivers will greatly benefit from this course. The ACX tools, techniques and frameworks will enable you to identify CX problems and quantify them, drive CX changes, implement important measures to deliver on success, drive CX programmes and enhance visibility to key stakeholders.

It is imperative to identify key decision makers within each business unit and involve them during the early stages of this CX journey. Commitment and focus from each of these key decision makers will entrench a customer centric focus within the DNA of our organization. You have reached the tipping point and will notice a rapid increase in the CX Maturity of your organisaiton and the benefits that has to offer.



We work with you to achieve successful customer outcomes. Together, we engineer your processes to deliver customer success with every customer interaction.

In a customer centric organisation, all employees deliver success to their internal and external customers. To enjoy the in depth benefits of a truly customer centric organisation, you are required to drive all seven pillars of Customer Experience; Strategy, Measurement, Insights, Culture, Design, Governance and Technology Enablement.

We understand your organisation is unique. Strategic tools or frameworks have to be customised based on your specific organisational needs.

Some of the most common consulting services include;

  • Journey Mapping – minimal effort with maximum visibility method. You don’t require a process owner with our unique approach
  • CX job descriptions with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and/or Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)
  • CX structure, organogram or organisphere
  • CX maturity assessment frameworks
  • CX change management programs

We will work with you to create visibility in your organisation, which enables you to understand if you are delivering successful customer outcomes. CX will be entrenched within the DNA of your organisation. Now you are pro-active and eliminate problems before your customers become aware thereof.


CXZA enables organisations to differentiate themselves from competitors through the visibility of key customer metrics which result in the delivery of successful customer outcomes. Your organisation is required to evolve to the maturity where customer insights lead your key decision-making process.


We connect the dots between the data produced from customer and employee feedback, internal processes and the delivery of customer success.

CXZA specialise in Voice of the Customer (VOC), Voice of the Employee (VOE) and Voice of the Process (VOP) models.


Customer feedback is a good beginning, although this is a re-active measure. In order to cultivate pro-active employees you also need to measure customer success through your internal processes and truly value your employee feedback. The customer success measures from your processes and employees are leading indicators of your customer experience. The relationships between how you deliver customer success (from your internal process measures and employee feedback) and what your customers think of your organisation assists you to place customer perception into perspective.


VoC Models include

  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)
  • Customer Effort Score

VoE Model

We assist with scientifically formulated questions to determine the enablement and satisfaction state of your employees.  The well being and happiness of your employees are crucial in the delivery of successful customer outcomes.


VoP Model

Benefit from the techniques we provide to identify key measures of your internal processes required to deliver successful customer outcomes. 

The practical application of the VOC, VOP and VOE models are crucial in driving organisational change in order to benefit from the insights of these measurements.  Visibility of the measures together with an in-depth understanding of the relationships between these measures are catalysts for employees to act pro-actively and prevent negative customer impacts. 


The practical application of the VOC, VOP and VOE models are crucial in driving organisational change in order to benefit from the insights of these measurements. Visibility of the measures together with an in-depth understanding of the relationships between these measures are catalysts for employees to act pro-actively and prevent negative customer impacts.


Strategic Customer Workshops

We facilitate key stakeholder workshops, with a focus on customer frameworks. This enables you to lead with the customer in mind and to better understand your internal as well as external customers.


To name a few most common Strategic Customer Workshops:

  • Customer categorisation
  • Identify customer needs
  • Unpack the customer experience for a new product or service
  • Innovate or improve an existing product or service
  • Innovate or improve an existing experience or processes
  • New or improve technology enablement
  • Team or department alignment
    Improve delivery of internal teams

Our facilitators bring innovative perspectives to the discussion. They are skilled in asking thought provoking questions and in challenging the business as usual status quo. They have the ability to manage workshops efficiently and provide direction when dealing with difficult issues.


CXZA are experts in the field of Customer Experience.

Our dedicated team of professionals (Qualified Customer Experience Coaches in the CEMMethod accredited by the BP Group) will guide you to succeed in delivering success to your customers. Benefit from their expertise, build your CX career or CX team from the platform these CX experts provide you with. Do not re-invent the wheel, instead focus on developing the next practise.

Ziné has trained numerous individuals in CX. She led multiple high performing CX teams and has successfully led CX initiatives across multiple companies. She is a qualified Industrial Engineer that specialises in Customer Experience (CX). She excelled in her engineering studies and passed both her Bachelors and Honours degrees Cum Laude. With 10 years in the corporate environment Ziné has experience in numerous CX disciplines such as; design, measurement, insights, strategy and culture. 
In 2018 she qualified as a Customer Experience Management Coach, in the CEM Methodology, which is internationally accredited by the Business Process Group.

Armandt has specialised in the field of customer analytics and insights over the past 8 years. He is skilled in the analysis of large data sets which he translates into actionable insights. It is evident from experience, that he practically implements these improvements through extensive change management programs, which results in reduced costs, improved services and increased revenue. As an industry leader in customer experience, Armandt obtained the following formal qualifications:

  • Masters in Customer Experience (Masters in Philosophy, Information and Knowledge Management).
  • Accredited Customer Experience Coach in the Customer Experience Management Methodology, through the Business Process Group.
  • Postgraduate diploma in Management Practise (PGDip) from Henley Business School.
  • Bachelor of Commerce Honours degree in Information and Knowledge Management (Cum Laude).
  • Bachelor Articularis degree in Information and Knowledge Management.


We enable you to engineer your processes to deliver World Class Customer Experiences which improves the lives of your customers and employees. Our purpose is to create a world of better customer experiences.

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