CX Basics Course

Initiate your company’s CX journey through training focused on upskilling new team members in basic customer experience principles.
Enhance your current CX journey as we work together to develop bespoke CX training material required to improve the CX maturity of your organisation.

Customer Service Training

Is CX incorporated in your new employees’ induction program? To entrench a customer centric mindset within an organisation, all employees require a basic understanding of customer experience. CX is a team effort. The number of CX pioneers in your organisation, is directly proportional to the CX momentum you will achieve. We work with your organisation to develop and improve induction programs to ensure all employees understand how customer success is defined and how they contribute to consistently deliver successful customer outcomes.
Customer facing employees need to be fully focused on your customer during each customer interaction. There are multiple tools and techniques available to achieve this. We work with your organization to build a customized solutions based on your client interactions and needs.

ACX Training

Internationally accredited CX (ACX) training in partnership with the Business Process Group.

The CEMMethod™ was created in 2001 when Business Process Group (BPG) was in collaboration with the Virgin Group. Together they realised that to progress in an ever-changing world, the need arises for an explicit, outside-in focus on the customer.

Since then, the CEMMethod™ has evolved by consolidating tools, techniques and mindsets from top innovative companies such as: Apple, BMW, Bentley, IBM, Amazon etc.

Notably, industry leaders such as Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, ‎Sergey Brin, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg and Richard Branson have been pioneers and early adopters of the type of thinking that the CEMMethod™ promotes.

The Internationally Accredited Customer Experience (ACX) Training consists of the renowned CEMMethod™.

ACX Professional

In a customer centric organisation, all employees should have the basic knowledge and understanding of the CX Outside-In philosophy.

The ACXP course is a training program on the overview of customer centric business transformation using the CEMMethod™.
This course covers level 1 of the ACX program.

ACX Master

Customer experience is everyone’s priority – it is not only limited to the CX department. All CX practitioners, decision makers, change agents and strategic drivers will greatly benefit from this course. The ACX tools, techniques and frameworks will enable you to identify CX problems and quantify them, drive CX changes, implement important measures to deliver on success, drive CX programs and enhance visibility to key stakeholders.


We enable you to engineer your processes to deliver World Class Customer Experiences which improves the lives of your customers and employees. Our purpose is to create a world of better customer experiences.

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